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  • Journal Prompt #1: Get Clear About What You Want

    Working on myself

    I’ve kept a journal since high school, and I’ve kept all of them. I never was one to journal everyday, only when I was compelled to. I found that when I journaled, I often was working through something, like a crush, a breakup, disappointment, anger, frustration and sadness. Looking at back at the pages of my journal, I wrote hurriedly and  extensively when I was mad or frustrated and I wrote more carefully when it had to do with my own personal goals and vision for my life. I could track what triggered certain emotions and see patterns in my behavior that I may not have otherwise been aware of.

    Benefits of Journaling

    I, wholeheartedly recommend keeping a journal, especially if you are working through something. Wish you could have told off your boss, journal. Feel unclear about you want, journal. Journaling is a way to:

    • Work through unprocessed emotions and relationships
    • Uncover your dreams and tell the truth
    • Access your unconscious thoughts and  feelings
    • Get to know yourself
    • Be creative
    • Explore patterns in your life

    Getting Started

    We often have many questions about life that can act as springboards for your journal. For instance, ‘Should I stay or go? Do I accept the job or keep looking? Do I see myself living here?’ I could go on and on. To get you started, I offer you this prompt:

    Take your journal, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and ask yourself:

    1. What do I really want to do?
    2. After you come out of that, start writing, just write – to get clarity

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