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  • Grief Support

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    The Details


    The grief group will meet for 75 minutes each week to build a container of support around honoring and processing grief through shared witnessing, ritual, and mindfulness-informed practices. The purpose of this group is not therapy. If interested, please complete the interest form here.

    Prospective Member Zoom Call:

    Once you indicate interest, a brief introductory call will be scheduled to make contact, determine if you are in a place to do this work and see if the group would be a good fit for where you are in your grief journey.

    Living Weekly Agenda:



    Ritual of Remembering

    Individual Reflection

    Group Reflection


    Aftercare Group Email:

    Following each group, an email will go out to the group with suggestions for self-care, including:

    – Daily rituals

    – Mindful movement practices

    – Journal prompts

    These practices are intended to help process and integrate thoughts, feelings, sensations and memories that may arise as a result of doing grief work.

    The Container

    This grief support group is intended to be a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to be held and witnessed by each group member. Grief work is hard work and takes tremendous courage, vulnerability and compassion for one’s suffering. The purpose of this group is not therapy. I highly encourage all group members to be under the care of an individual therapist to provide additional support and further processing.

    I will serve as a facilitator and guide, holding the container, not as your therapist. I will draw upon my professional experiences and my experiences as a fellow co-journer.

    The Invitation

    “Grief work offers us a trail leading back to the vitality that is our birthright. When we fully honor our many losses, our lives become more fully able to embody the wild joy that aches to leap from our hearts into the shimmering world.”

    – Francis Weller

    – Slow down and make space for your grief

    – Build capacity to stay present with grief

    – Reimagine life alongside your grief

    – Open to more vulnerability and joy

    – Feel more embodied and less disconnected

    – Hold your suffering with more love and compassion

    Holding Space: An 8-Week Grief Group for Black-Identified Adults

    “…How do you get through? Sometimes you don’t survive whole, you just survive in part. But the grandeur of life is that attempt. It’s not about that solution. It is about being as fearless as one can, and behaving as beautifully as one can, under completely impossible circumstances.”

    – Toni Morrison

    We all share stories of grief and loss and is the one thing that we all will experience at some point in our lives. Grief can have an impact on how we see ourselves, our relationships and our worldview. 

    This grief support group is for Black-identified adults to feel safe and comfortable around how their grief and coping is informed by their family, culture and community.

    Grief Support

    To indicate your interest, complete the interest form under, The Details.