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  • 16 Journal Prompts to Kickstart 2016

    Bloom in 2016

    If you’re like many people, you may have been thinking about what changes you want to make in 2016, but haven’t quite created a plan, as of yet. I’ve listed 16 journal prompts to get you started and help you be intentional about your life in 2016.

    1. What will you leave behind in 2015? And, what do you hope to invite in 2016?
    2. What lessons in 2015 do you need to embrace and be mindful of in 2016?
    3. How can you invite more joy into your life?
    4. Think of a time when you did not trust your instincts. Reflect on the importance of trusting your instincts and doing what feels right.
    5. How can you demonstrate personal integrity (how you handle life and others) with yourself and others?
    6. How did your fears serve you in 2016? Reflect on times in which you felt fear and how you would like to make peace with your fears.
    7. Do you value yourself? Reflect how you can value yourself in regards to how you treat yourself, relationships, career, etc.
    8. What people, places and things or truths did you avoid or hide from in 2015? How do you want to be more present and mindful of these truths in 2016?
    9. What people, places, things have you been curious about? How can you explore and follow your curiosity in 2016?
    10. If you had the support to live your best life, what would you do?
    11. List 5 ways you can invite more fun and creativity into your life.
    12. When’s the last time you tried a new food, hobby or visited a new place?
    13. What needs resolution or healing in your life? What hang-ups, letdowns, grudges or resentments are you still holding onto?
    14. Are you attentive? Are you able to express yourself the way you want to?
    15. How do you express your emotions?
    16. How can vulnerability and courage serve you in your life?

    Feel free to use these journal prompts as springboards, as other insights and questions may be revealed. This is just for you to check in with yourself and reflect on how you want to show up in the world. The best responses come when you don’t hold back and you just free write your answers. Take your time, and be gentle with yourself during this process.

    Happy Journaling!

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