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  • Creating a Personal Vision

    Don't hold back in creating your personal vision

    Don’t hold back in creating your personal vision

    I think we all have ideas of bits and pieces of things we want in our lives, but have you ever sat down and put pen to paper and wrote down the vision you have for your life. Often, we are clear about what we don’t want in our lives, but fuzzy or unclear about what we do want. Let’s explore this.

    Create Your Personal Vision Now

    I, invite you to help bring you closer to realizing your vision by describing your IDEAL life in no more 350 words. When I first did this exercise, I went through several edits and focused more on how I wanted to feel from the time I woke up through the course of my day. I continuously revise my vision, as I evolve, and I invite you to do the same. To give you an idea, below is an example of my personal vision I wrote about 3 years ago, at a time in my life when I was unhappy at my job, where I lived, not feeling good about my body or my health, I didn’t have the romantic relationship that I wanted, I felt like I was always putting out fires and I just didn’t feel passionate or motivated about anything. I felt like everything was just OK, I was just going through the motions of life. When I wrote my personal vision, I saw that life could actually feel better and more peaceful. Just reading my personal vision brought a sense of peace to me. Looking back at my personal vision now, I find I have many of the things I described below, and some are things I continue to work on.

    Each morning I awaken thankful to God for the abundance of blessings in my life, and I pray that I am guided by peace and love. I nourish my body with water and foods throughout the day that help my body thrive. I practice yoga to help bring balance and alignment to my body and mind. I move through my day through sunlit and open spaces. My vocation is truly my calling where I am flexible, creative and valued. I am surrounded by people who support me and help me grow. I do things that bring me joy and support my wellness daily. My home reflects my spirit and it is my sanctuary. I live near water because it brings a sense of calm and connection to nature. I have a garden that I tend and nurture. I am worldly, travel the world and I share my experiences with others. My family, partner and I are emotionally and physically healthy. I share my life with my life partner and we love and communicate openly, unafraid of being vulnerable, giving, taking and compromising equally. I dance through life with ease and grace. I live a wholehearted life by cultivating authenticity, self-compassion, a resilient spirit, gratitude and joy, intuition and trusting faith. Peace is success to me.

    Let Your Vision Unfold

    Creating a personal vision is like creating a roadmap. It allows you the space to reflect and get clear about how you want to feel, love, live, earn money, be happy, just about anything you desire to be, have or do!

    Remember to write your personal vision in the present tense, as if it is happening now. When you speak and claim things as if you already have them, positive change tends to occur. See what happens when you let your vision unfold.

    If you need help getting clear about your vision or would like to share your personal vision, send me an email at [email protected].

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